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Kell Skott at Beauty Works West

Date: 02.10.09 Category: A hair salon

Blisters. Hangovers. Lock jaw. Injuries and ailments are to be expected when enjoying London’s social scene to the full. But one common complaint amongst my contemporaries is tension across the shoulders; an encumbrance symptomatic of modern day stresses, worries and anxieties. Luckily it is one that I rarely succumb to. But, with BD’s desire for me to meet his family hanging unavoidably and unappealingly in the air like a pair of XXL latte-coloured y-fronts, I did begin to experience the odd twinge of muscular tension. When he finally re-vocalised the request a couple of days ago, without doubt my muscles instantly stood to attention across the top of my back, like a little army ready to defend their mistress. But I took strength from said brawny little army, stood tall, took a deep breath and agreed to meet them.

But, first things first: unaccustomed to this feeling of unease and anxiety, I sought a calming remedy and booked myself in for a hair treatment and blow-dry at Kell Skött Haircare.

Kell Skött Haircare first opened on Golborne Road in North Kensington in 2002 but Danish owner Kell, has now brought his expertise and competitive prices to a second salon, located in Lambton Place (also home to Beauty Works West), off Westbourne Grove.

The new salon is a charming, relaxed sanctuary with a sleek, simple Scandinavian inspired interior, designed by Kell and his wife, Jacqueline. The light and airy space is decorated with cool greys, contemporary photography, chrome and black leather furniture and large mirrors. But it isn’t stark or jarringly modern; it is relaxed and spacious and even has two resident cocker spaniels – Max and Blue – trotting around, keeping things homely.

I decided to have the Micro Mist Treatment – the newest haircare sensation from Japan. A conditioning treatment was applied to my hair before being exposed to ultrasonic waves that generated microscopic particles of mist (like steam) allowing the conditioner to permeate deeper into my hair. It was then cooled down ensuring the conditioning treatment was locked into each shaft. Following this, my hair was washed and blow-dried to perfection. I ran a hand through my silken tresses and was amazed at how soft it was... and still is.

At Kell Skott having your hair done is not just a means to a (slightly less-split) end. It is a time to enjoy and unwind. Despite the unfortunate name, the backwash chairs are amazing; the neck is fully supported and the complimentary head and scalp massage had me so relaxed that I drifted off to sleep and woke to what alarmingly sounded like my own voice shouting, ‘Dogs!’.

When I was back at my styling station, I enjoyed a glass of wine (amazingly all drinks are complimentary) and contemplated the imminent dinner with BD’s parents. I looked myself in the eye and acknowledged that I had successfully replaced a look that suggested a tension, to one that demanded attention, so seriously, how bad would it be? Find out next week…



Designed to appeal to locals, there is an affordable walk in blow-dry service which is offered at just £15.

The salon is relaxed, friendly and informal whilst maintaining exceptional standards of expertise and service.

A hand picked team of stylists each with their own individual expertise in all aspects of hair care, will offer free in depth consultations and hair advice, cutting and colour services alongside contemporary styling. Also on offer will be more luxurious treatments such as the Phyto hair and scalp treatment and various Micro Mist steam treatments.


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2-4 Lambton Place W11 2SH / 93 Golborne Road W10 5NL

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