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“From rustic chic to outrageous fancy dress, Kasimira Party Organisers share some of 2011's key party trends with us.”

The Great Outdoors is definitely this year’s most popular setting for parties and weddings. Festival-styled weekend parties in wooded fairylands, guests dancing under the stars, live music in the night air... really, we're seeing more and more people wanting to enjoy themselves outside. A lot of our bridal couples are also choosing to take their vows in vineyards and gardens, surrounded by nature.

As a result, "rustic chic" is a prevailing theme this year. Think hessian table cloths, bunches of herbs tied with twine, candles wrapped in magnolia leaves and details such as dried lavender down the aisle.

Everyone seems to just love photo booths and photo sets at the moment, and we know exactly why! Whether it’s the themed sets and props, the professional photographers, or the flattering lighting, these photos always make everyone look gorgeous and provide great keepsakes.

Paper Chinese Lanterns are a popular alternative to fireworks. At a recent party, all the guests wrote little messages on the lanterns, then everyone gathered round after dinner to light them and watch them float away into the night sky. It was an extremely romantic start to the night.

It seems that everyone wants to dress up this year, and we’re talking proper fancy dress! We're seeing a lot of extravagant themes such as Last Days of Decadence, Burlesque, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Arabian Nights. When your guests are an integral part of the theme, it just adds that extra dimension to the night. Everyone always revels that much more in their costumes.

Food Stalls & Dessert bars: whether they be oyster and sushi bars, cheese stalls, patisserie boutiques or crepe stalls for a survivors’ breakfast, these are very much in vogue. And dessert bars at weddings are often laden with several varieties of mini puddings, cupcakes, brownies and macaroons rather than just one large fruit cake. So there’s something for everyone!

Making it yours: Personalise whichever elements you're using. Use photos on the place cards, assign individual bags for confetti, show a surprise video, make your big entrance on an elephant. Whatever you choose to do, however subtle or crazy, one essential rule abides: make your party or your wedding your own. Now there's a tip that'll never go out of fashion.

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