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“We asked the fitness and health experts at LOMAX Bespoke Health to tell us how to get into shape for Summer and the Wedding Season.”

Every year the month of June takes us by surprise; after months of stepping out in our heavy coats and boots, suddenly the sun burns brighter, sending us tumbling towards Summer and exposing our winter bodies to the light. If, like us, you have a diary full of Summer parties, picnics and (gasp!) weddings, why not stage your own surprise attack and welcome June with a toned and healthy body.

Here at LOMAX we often find that our days are spent getting everyone else in shape and eating well; time to look after ourselves is limited. This means we need quick, efficient work outs and an easy nutritional plan. So here are a few things we're doing to get our bodies toned, healthy, and ready to face our sexy Summer dresses and tiny bikinis!

The Workout:

Change the way you exercise and walk away from the treadmill. Hours on the treadmill (or cycle) are nothing more than time eaters! A 20-30 minute workout every day can help tone your body in just a few weeks, increase calorie burn and improve your cardiovascular fitness all at the same time. And don’t be afraid to pick up some weights. Everyone needs to build a little bit of muscle to speed up their metabolism. The good news is you can use your own body, even for weight training, and do it outdoors to kick-start your base tan!

Here are a few suggested Daily Workouts (WODS):

• 5 minute jog, 1 minute shuttle sprint between benches, 30 seconds of air squats, 30 step ups on a park bench, 1 minute squat and hold. Repeat 5x.

• 1 minute sprint, 20 walking lunges, 20 crunches, 1 minute plank and do as many sets as you can in 30 minutes.

• 1 minute shuttle sprints between benches, 10 burpee press ups, 20 air squats, 1 minute walking lunges, 1 minute bench dips. Repeat 5x.

Now that we have the workout sorted, it is time for a cleanse!

The Cleanse

Why cleanse? Everyday your body is exposed to an onslaught of toxins, pathogens and other harmful substances, so when we eat badly on top of that, we’re overloading our systems and giving it a lot of work to do! Without the correct balance of nutrients you’ll find that you will struggle to keep up with that fast paced London life, and a niggling cold, infection or flu will be the result (ultimately ending in tears if you have to miss that fabulous party you’ve been waiting so long for). So, what better time to detox than NOW, with Summer just around the corner. Here at LOMAX we’re armed with our 5-day cleanse to get things kick-started for you, but if you’re going to DIY then here are a few tips to help you along the way....

• You don’t need to cut everything out (although ours is not for the faint hearted as it is wheat, meat and dairy free, as well as containing NO additives, preservatives, refined sugar or salt). However, most importantly you should try and go as sugar free as possible, especially refined sources.
• Eat the rainbow – get in as many different colours into your diet daily, varying your sources of fruit and vegetables.
• Water – we all know this but we still don’t do it. Especially important during detox week to help your body rid itself of toxins so make sure you get your 1.5-2 litres in daily!
• Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day – each should be made up of a combination of protein (fish, beans, lentils, quinoa, tofu, eggs etc) and low GI carbohydrates including non-root vegetables, wholemeal or wild rice, sweet potato etc.
• Have a handful of nuts and seeds daily as one of your snacks.
• For sugar cravings – try brushing your teeth (you may need to be armed with a toothbrush anyway as a possible side effect of a detox can be bad breath) or drink some peppermint or fresh mint tea.
• Chew your food properly – make things as easy as possible for your digestive system. Aim to chew each mouthful of food at least 20 times before swallowing.

So now there are no excuses: follow these simple rules and enjoy a healthy Summer in a body you love. 


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