The definitive guide to London dining & events

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...Places to dine during Diwali

14.10.11 |

Fancy a hot and spicy celebration culminating in a climatic firework finale? Well you're in luck – Diwali starts next week.

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...Places to dine during London Cocktail Week

07.10.11 |

There's more to London Cocktail Week than drinking – here are a few bars worthy of a bite.

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...Places Near Frieze

05.10.11 |

Frieze is one of the most famous art shows in the world; what better excuse for a day out do you need?

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...Places for Wine Lovers

30.09.11 |

With barrel-loads of choice and experts on tap, London is a real corker for wine-lovers. And good wine doesn't need to break the bank.

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...Ways to say thank you

23.09.11 |

Whether it be for the tiniest favour or a life-saving display of heroism, here are a few ways to say thank you that are guaranteed to raise a smile.

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...Private Dining Rooms

16.09.11 |

Need to talk shop where you can't be overheard? Impress your guests with superior service? Mark a special occasion? Want to get drunk where no one can see?

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