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  • Want to impress clients by going to the newest place in town?
  • Planning a first date? Need the lighting to disguise the bags under your eyes?
  • Meeting the in-laws? Want to prove you know your Fat Bastard from your fat bastard?
  • Want to sit front-row at an already sold-out event?

Whatever your requirements, has the solution. is designed purely and specifically to connect the most discerning Londoners with the very best that London has to offer in the world of going out, entertaining, hospitality, parties and events.

A complete departure from content-heavy, banner-ad-lined ‘city-guide’ sites that operate for a mass-market, is a unique online offering. Headed up by the sexy, sophisticated and sought-after Lady Blonde (rather than a wealth of freelancers and bloggers) and incorporating a quirky search tool, is revolutionising the way Londoners can source entertainment ideas without being overwhelmed. 

Lady Blonde’s nonpareil and honest approach to sourcing and only featuring high-end content makes her the most useful and reliable critic for a niche (affluent, time-short) demographic. Her weekly newsletters are built around informative, absorbing and amusing content, complementing the highly tailored, exclusive, finger-on-pulse atmosphere of The site also integrates a live table booking service and operates an exclusive, invite-only membership facility. Amongst many other things, members of can obtain deals at, and access to, London’s most exclusive venues, can secure tables at ‘fully booked’ restaurants and purchase tickets to ‘sold out’ events. Essentially, being a member of is like having the most reliable, clued-up, well-connected and resourceful PA with one hell of an address book.

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